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Precast Machinery and Technology

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Elevating Construction

Construction revolution

The utilization of precast machinery and technology is revolutionizing the construction industry by offering efficient and sustainable solutions for producing concrete elements. This advanced equipment, which encompasses formwork systems, mixers, casting machines, and curing chambers, facilitates the mass production of high-quality components with precision. Automation optimizes the manufacturing process, enhancing productivity while reducing labor and material costs. With adaptable designs, precast machinery enables the swift assembly of structures, ranging from residential buildings to bridges, thereby improving project timelines and construction efficiency. Furthermore, the integration of innovative technologies like 3D printing enhances precision, leading to the development of more sustainable environments.


The concrete delivery system with bridge is designed for the automatic supply of fresh concrete from the batching plant to a casting machine (Extruder and/or Slipformer). A flying bucket transports the concrete either via a rack or from a fixed silo to the point where concreting is required.

Cycle times, line bucket sizes or the bed for the line bucket are designed to customer specifications and adjusted to the function of the casting machine (Extruder and/or Slipformer) and to the finished parts to be produced and the rate of production. The system is constructed in such a way that the concreting process on the beds does not have to be interrupted because of a lack of fresh concrete.


Thanks to our constant development and innovation we are a reliable partner with a large range of solutions, designed according to customer specifications, for the production of columns and foundation plinths, used both in industrial and in residential construction, as well as in infrastructure projects. Our moulds offer technological solutions meeting perfectly the requirements of the modern precast concrete technology. We supply moulds for columns with or without consoles, in fixed or variable positions, and in various sizes and shapes, suitable to the most varied construction specifications, ensuringh high level quality. The use of stop end plates makes it possible to cast different finished elements in the same mould.


Pre-stressed or loosely reinforced precast concrete elements can be efficiently manufactured on production beds. Our many years of experience enable us to provide beds made to customer specifications.

The use of concrete beneath the steel plates and thus creating a solid production bed gives you the following important benefits.

  • Significantly reducing the energy consumption costs for heating the beds due to the concrete core activation
  • A smoother bottom finish of the produced elements due to the solid bed
  • Very long lifetime


We design and manufacture moulds for the manufacture of reinforced concrete or reinforced concrete roof structures and ceiling elements, which are suitable for residential, industrial and commercial buildings:

  • V and Y elements
  • End and intermediate elements
  • Roof gutter and edge girders for roof structures
  • Omega and reverse Omega, TT, TT elements with lower flat plate, up to 1,500 kg/m² for the construction of concrete elements of up to 40 m in length
  • I and T reverse girders
  • Double ribbed girders with hollow core and flat ceiling


Modern pallet carousel systems for the manufacture of precast concrete elements require automation concepts for prefabrication of rebar. Wire Center processes rebar from coil fully automatically and relocates cross reinforcement with and without spacers, longitudinal reinforcement and lattice girders to CAD specifications. These modern robotics improve production output, optimise procedures, increase dimensional accuracy and contribute to minimising errors.


Progress Group offers a wide variety of solutions for processing lattice girders. Our delivery programme includes systems for cutting, welding and storing lattice girders.


  • Clean, low-noise cutting
  • High productivity and capacity


  • Top wire welding machine
  • Three-wire welding machine

For a complete list of Progress Group products and options please visit their website by clicking the “Find out more” button or contact us at any time and we will provide you with all the necessary details and info that you might need.


World-leading company in the design of technologies of machines to make concrete products

The firm, established in the 1950s, has about a hundred employees and a head office measuring some 30,000 square metres.

Its expert team of technicians and state-of-the-art technologies and equipment are Colle’s added value.

Every project is carefully followed with a highly customised service that includes: an analysis of the client’s needs, a study of the site’s layout, research and design of the machine, technical consultancy to activate the system and training for personnel at the client’s site, as well as an effective after-sales service.

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Rapid, universal and economical, VIBROMATIC 1000 machine can produce a large range of concrete items of length from 60 mm. (3 in.) up to 1600 mm. (60 in.) and from diameter 100 mm. (4 in.) to 3000 mm. (120 in.). Depending on the sizes and types of products, the casting can be carried out by multiple moulds, up to a total of seven/pcs per cycle:

  • manhole bases
  • manhole rings and cones
  • spigot- spigot pipes for manholes
  • grade rings
  • drainage, junction and taper pipes
  • road and domestic manholes
  • rings for water treatment tanks
  • kerbstones

The simple handling and fast mould changing design enables an economic use of the machine, even in case of frequent mould changes.

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Completely automatic and versatile, the VIBROMATIC 3000 is electronically adjusted by the VICOM II control system and produces a great variety of concrete products including pipe up to 3000 mm (10 ft) long and diameter up to 2000 mm (72 in), multiple productions with two or three pipes of different diameters, risers, cones, bases for manholes, and special products.

The system for the moulds’ change is easy and fast to use, making possible daily mould changes and ensuring multiple advantages. The adjustment of the outer mould, the inner core, the pressing head and the vibrator are not necessary. The locking and the unlocking of the outer mould and the inner core are hydraulic. Only the product supporting plate has to be inserted.
The concrete feeding is completely automatic. The feeding belts, operated independently one from the other, places the concrete on the center point of the inner core, always measuring the correct quantity. This feature is the determining factor to easily making multiple productions of two or three products with different diameters.

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The VIBROMAX is a machine for the production with unthreading system moulds and it is suitable for big size products.

It can produce pipes up to inner diameter 2500 mm and height up to 3000 mm and rectangular shape products with inner dimensions up to 3000 mm x 2200 mm and 2500 mm x 2500 mm.

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The ROTOVIBROMATIC machine produces elements with unthreading moulds and tilting moulds system. The ROTOMATIC version is for the production with tilting moulds only (e.g. manhole-bases and tanks); the VIBROMAX is for the production with unthreading moulds system only (e.g. box culverts, pipes, manhole-rings and cones).

The wide range of products that can be made through ROTOVIBROMATIC includes manhole rings, manhole cones and bases, reinforced pipes, jacking pipes and other special parts. According to the customers’ specific requirements, the system can be equipped with tools that diversify the production and make the processing thoroughly automatic, thus assuring many benefits, such as: the reduction of labour, easier use, quicker production and fast mould change.

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Designed to satisfy the different market requirements, the TURBOMASTER is a radial compression machine which adds to the range of machines produced by Colle. The TURBOMASTER is available in three models, 30/60 (12”-24”), 30/125 (12”-48”) and 30/160 (12”-60”). Pipe diameters are between 300 and 1600 mm. (12”-60”) and height between 2000 and 3000 mm. (6’-10’).

The VICOM II electronic control system makes this machine completely automatic and allows for easy adjustment to different sizes of pipe, ensuring the production of high quality pipe, perfectly smooth and without any imperfections.

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Extremely fast and versatile, the BIMATIC, is a fully automatic equipment designed for manufacturing a large quantity of reinforced, not reinforced and flat base circular pipes up to 3000 mm. (10 ft) length and 2000 mm. (72 in.) diameter. The fully automatic work cycle and the electronic control system with the VICOM PC ensure a simple use, speed and security in the production process.

The BIMATIC is a versatile, ergonomic and functional equipment: fast change system allows quick mould changes; outer mould, core, pressing head and vibrator adjustments are not necessary; locking and unlocking of outer mould and core are hydraulic; the plate for the products can be changed quickly.

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For a complete list of COLE products please visit their website by clicking the “Find out more” button or contact us at any time and we will provide you with all the necessary details and info that you might need.

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Leading manufacturer of Prestressed Concrete,Strand Lifting and Circular Sawing Technology

Since the company was founded in 1925, Paul Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG has become a worldwide leader in the manufacture of woodworking machinery and machines for the production of prestressed concrete.

They employ a total workforce of 285, making us one of the major employers and training centers in the district of Biberach.

Paul aim was and still is to open up new markets and to be in the forefront with cutting-edge concepts. With a worldwide export ratio of 80% we assume a leading position in global markets with both of our product divisions of woodworking machinery and prestressed concrete production systems. Our machines are found in almost all the countries of the world.

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Stressing on the site

For prestressing on the construction site we supply multi-stressing jacks in rugged steel design or in lightweight construction, portable or wheel-mounted pump units, large pneumatic-tired strand pushing machines, with remote control on a cable or radio control, anchor wedges and a wide range of accessories.

  • Bridges – Our product range for bridge construction includes a wide selection of stressing jacks, hydraulic units, pushing machines, anchor grips and handling equipment.
  • Stay cables – Engineers have already dealt with stay cable technology for spanning rivers or canyons long before the invention of prestressed concrete. Nowadays, stay cables are prestressed and are thus considerably contributing to the span and stability of the structure.
  • Towers – The efficiency of wind power plants increases with the hub height. Particularly in the onshore sector, the required wind conditions with low turbulences and constant/high speed can only be found in higher wind layers.
  • Geotechnical engineering – Another major field of application for machines and equipment from Paul is geotechnics. Geotechnics often isn’t noticed in everyday life; however, it isn’t only used in mountainous regions for slope stabilization, for instance, but in many cases also on construction sites and in building pits.
  • Anchor manufacturing – Paul produces manual, semiautomatic or fully automatic anchor manufacturing equipment for cost-effective and time-saving preparation of tendons for use on the construction site for bridges, stay cables, geotechnical engineering or wind power towers.

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Production in the factory

We supply all installation components, machines and accessories for prestressing on casting beds. They include the permanent components, such as abutment anchor posts, transverse anchor plates etc. Also when choosing mobile stressing equipment, our large product range always provides the appropriate solution.

  • Precast concrete factory – Precast concrete elements for structural engineering are efficiently produced with consistent quality at the precast concrete factory. Paul provides advice and supplies casting bed equipment for beams, roof trusses, Pi slabs, flat slabs as well as smaller bar-shaped elements and bridging joists.
  • Sliding mould production – Hollow core slabs or flat elements are endlessly produced on long casting beds using slide formers or extruders. After setting of the concrete the elements are sawn to the requested length.
  • Pole production – Prestressed concrete poles for advertising beams visible from a long distance, power lines, signal posts or other applications are produced at the precast concrete factory in a cost-efficient and effective manner and with consistent quality using various methods.

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Sleeper production

We supply automatic stressing and destressing equipment for the various processes in the production of prestressed concrete sleepers. This includes CNC-controlled button-heading equipment, automatic stressing and destressing machines with built-in spindle extractors for sleeper production in stress-resisting moulds.

For another process we supply automatic machinery for stressing the wires in hardened sleepers. Robots are also used here, and can prestress a large number of sleepers quickly and accurately.

  • Carousel systems – ack sleepers with identical outlines are produced as bulk goods in rigid moulds on carousel systems. Due to the low variety of elements it would make sense to use a (semi) automatic system with a high repeat accuracy, which reduces staff requirement.
  • Long-line system – Turnout sleepers as well as track sleepers are produced on long casting beds. The turnout sleeper which is uniform in cross section is particularly suited for this method; it is produced in a string and sawn to length as required. If the lengths per bed covering are known, mould end plates are used as well between the sleepers.

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Strand lifting technology

Since 1955, we have developed and built stressing jacks and hydraulic pump units for the manufacture of prestressed concrete products, and since 1986 have also supplied a series of strand jacks with mechanical anchor heads. The company‘s many years of experience in these fields and DaSTec‘s hands-on practical expertise have been channelled into the development of new, efficient and durable products for strand lifting applications.

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Vortex Hydra

The Worldwide leader of Concrete Roof Tile Machinery

50 years of evolution and experience generated solutions and new ideas for developing products, machines, plants.

The largest customer basis in this field with 500 clients in 5 continents and 70 countries served by Vortex Hydra international network – the widest range of machines and automations (over 100 with several combinations), plants (over 20 with several combinations), final products (over 100 models) – 20+ International registered trade marks and patents. Supported by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.

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Uno machinery range is the right solution to start the concrete roof tile manufacturing business with low initial investment.

  • High quality product.
  • Ease of operation and maintenance.
  • Flexibility to produce different tile profiles and other building products.
  • Minimal factory space required.

Uno systems production range varies from 1.250 to 12.000 tiles per shift.

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Modulo machinery is the right solution for markets requiring medium to high production capacities. The heart of the system is our high performance continuous extruder that is expandable to suit a production from 60 to 120 t.p.m. Semiautomatic basic configuration can be easily upgraded to fully automatic system to minimize the labour cost component. The production range varies from 24.000 to 50.000 tiles per shift.

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Rotary-rack system is worldwide renown as the most efficient curing system. Based on a First-in/ First-out logic, it is the right solution for customer who wants to run multiple shifts with a system designed to have simplified curing process, low maintenance level and low energy requirement.

Rotary-rack curing capacity varies from 13.000 to 44.400 tiles per shift to suit all the customer’s needs.

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Matrix curing system is the right solution for customer with high speed plant who wants maximum flexibility of production due to system logic based on multiple independent curing chambers system, where each chamber can be pre-set with dedicated curing conditions to allow maximum product quality. Curing capacity can vary according to customer needs and can suit production from 30.000 to 60.000 tiles per shift and over.

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Automations & Upgrades

Vortex Hydra solutions for increasing the performances of your existing plants foresee a wide range of automations for the wet and the dry side, with wide use of robotized solutions for maximum flexibility and efficiency in any possible configuration. State-of-the-art finishing equipment together with stand-alone equipment like our low oil consumption oiler and our brand new cutting unit will allow the production of high quality products up to 140 t.p.m.

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