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Precast Concrete Solutions

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Progress Group

Flexible solutions from one source

The PROGRESS GROUP manufactures systems, machines and software for precast concrete plants. Building with precast concrete elements improves living conditions for people all over the world.

Our technology creates attractive workplaces and environmentally-friendly, durable building systems for high-quality living and working areas.

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A façade wall is a three-layer concrete wall with internal cavity wall insulation. Its outer concrete layer is designed in a variety of architectural surface versions. This process generally makes possible a variety of coloured concretes with the most varied finishes, such as exposed aggregate, grinding or polishing. In addition, practically all design ideas can be realised by means of structural formliners or add-on materials.

Field of application:

Façade walls are suitable for residential, administrative, commercial and industrial construction and for infrastructure projects requiring heat protection or with increased architectural and optical requirements for the design of the façade.

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Solid wall precast panels offer cost-effective alternatives to concreting on site. They can be manufactured in every statically-required thickness. Solid walls are smooth either on one side or all the way round. In the case of solid wall elements smooth on one side, the second side is manually or mechanically struck off and smoothed; this eliminates further post-processing on the construction site.

Solid walls have particularly good noise and fire protection properties. High loads can be suspended from them.

Field of application:

Solid walls are therefore particularly suited as load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls in residential, administrative, commercial and industrial construction, as perimeter walls and in infrastructure procedures.

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Precast concrete elements are absolutely ideal for stadium construction. Principally column-truss structures, which can be designed as a load-bearing skeleton, are used. The floor space for standing room and seating are suspended into this structure.

Construction in precast concrete is absolutely ideal for straight and curved stadium stands. The elements have high requirements in surface quality and the large spans offer scope for creative design.

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Concrete beams, also known as summers, are girders, which take up the load of a floor or wall and relay it to other structural components. The load capacity and/or span of a ceiling can be increased by the use of beams.

In some cases beams can take over the load-bearing function, create (unlike walls) free access and can bridge large spans. They are also used subsequently in renovating old buildings to improve statics. Concrete columns consist of very pressure-resistant concrete. They are constructed to bear loads. They can be designed for each floor or across several floors.

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Staircase moulds allow various types of prefabricated staircases from standard staircases up to staircases in a variety of sizes and shapes to be manufactured. In addition, there are individual design possibilities, for instance, for the step surfaces, or the side panelling can be designed in almost any style desired.

Concrete staircases are used both in private residential construction and in commercial construction.

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Our range of moulds for spatial precast concrete elements encompasses a wealth of solutions with different degrees of automation. The moulds are used for the production of 3D elements with lateral walls in combination with roof or floor elements.

“F” series: 3-D elements with flooring plates

Areas of use for the F series – precast concrete elements:

  • residential modules
  • transformer stations
  • water tanks

“R” series: 3-D element with top cover

Areas of use for the R series – precast concrete elements:

  • residential modules
  • bathroom units
  • garages

“V” series: Vertical production technology cube modules

Areas of use for the V series – precast concrete elements:

  • residential modules
  • garages
  • The surrounding sides of the cube modules (ceilings, floors and side walls) are manufactured in cast iron for maximum solidity and stability

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For a complete list of Progress Group products and options please visit their website by clicking the “Find out more” button or contact us at any time and we will provide you with all the necessary details and info that you might need.

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Special materials

ALCHIMICA™ is a dynamic company specializing in the development and production of specialty polyurethane materials for construction and industrial applications. For over 25 years, ALCHIMICA™ has successfully provided products and services to architects, engineers, home builders, contractors and building owners worldwide. Our 1 and 2 part polyurethane systems have a proven track record of high performance in numerous prestigious construction works around the world. In addition, our industrial spray coatings are trusted as industrial waterproofing and insulating solutions, even in the most demanding of cases, e.g. construction of health-sensitive water drinking reservoirs, restoration of aged buildings and waterproofing of bridge platforms.

ALCHIMICA™ is a company with a strong tradition in innovation, investing heavily in research and development and constantly striving for new levels of excellence.

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