Here are products used for car parks insulation, depending on substrate and its condition, product combination may vary, so be free to contact us for best solution for your project.

epoxy resin 51 flooring  


EPOXY RESIN-51-FLOORING is a two-component, self leveling, solvent free, epoxy based floor coating with excellent chemical resistance, high impact and abrasion resistance.


hyperdesmo d  


HYPERDESMO®-D is a one component polyurethane fluid which cures with the humidity in the atmosphere. It produces a very strong membrane with outstanding adhesion to many types of surfaces and excellent chemical and hydrolysis resistance properties.





AQUADUR is a two-component, water based, epoxy coating. It has a track record of more than 20 years of successful use as primer for the HYPERDESMO® line of products, as well as other Alchimica polyurethane based products. It is certified as "Class III” water and humidity barrier, which makes it ideal for applications subject to negative pressure / rising humidity.